About us



EISA Collection was founded in 2022. Giving our customers the opportunity to feel and look beautiful in their own authentic way by bringing elegant long-lasting jewellery at guilt-free prices. Every piece of our jewellery collection features full stainless steel chains, clasps and links which are highly durable, recyclable and do not tarnish. With stainless steel jewellery, there's no more green discoloration on skin. Stainless steel is a very stable and non-reactive metal, it won't cause irritation on skin and is classified hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Plating with 18K gold adds a beautiful finish to our jewellery at affordable costs for our customers.

Named after our precious rainbow child Eisa we bring our customers high quality and affordable special gifts to make you feel special. Our products are designed for stylish people who don’t want to spend a fortune on jewellery but also don't want to keep replacing it. Unlike jewellery that tarnishes and goes green after only a few wears, Eisa Collection guarantees not to lose colour even if you wear our products every day, in the pool or at the gym. Our collections are built to remain strong. With proper care, our pieces should last at least 1-2 years without any sign of wear and tear. We can't prevent our jewels from scratching (maybe one day with new technology) but for now we can at least allow our gorgeous customers a little more freedom in their lives. Our mission is to contribute in making sustainable life practices the new norm, that's why all of our products are plastic-free packaged.

On a personal note, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported the brand and been a part of our journey. Our customers are central to our operation, and it is with you in mind that we aim to be the best at what we do. If there is ever anything you would like to discuss, please email us on info@eisacollection.com